Taxation without representation? More to come.

Didn't the USA federal government prosecute Ted Kaczynski? And/or other such individuals?

Has the USA federal government prosecuted PG&E? If not, why not?

Or in the litany that is USA federal legislation and/or treaties and/or case law, dating back to its creation, that there is nothing that the USA federal government can charge PG&E with? That the Constitutional rights afforded to American citizens, including without limitation to the 14th amendment, and their rights as "crime victims" are not being infringed upon?

By passing legislation contrary to seemingly elementary knowledge of the "water cycle"[1], wouldn't former Governor of California, Edmund Gerald "Jerry" Brown Jr.[2]'s water legislation be willful and wanton conduct? i.e., July 12th, 2016 letter from Mathew Tyler to Edmund Gerald 'Jerry' Brown Jr. Isn't the "water cycle" taught in elementary school?

Legislation which for years exasperated California's drought and by providing an over abundance of dry tinder, ultimately was the critical foundation necessary in the 2018 PG&E "Camp Fire"[3]?

Didn't then at the time Governor of California, Edmund Gerald "Jerry" Brown Jr.[2] convey to people to convserve water? Wasn't that what his water legislation attempted to do? Was the over abundance of dry tinder from years of droughts ever correctly dealt with? Weren't those years of drought some of, if not the hottest California experienced on record?

Have all "crime victims" rights, federally and California been afforded and maintained throughout this entire matter?

Or have "crime victims" (as codified federally and in California) and/or their rights been swept under the rug in favor of another Corporation?

Shouldn't the "Courts" that have been allegedly overseeing PG&E be liable for the "Courts" own failure to abide by the law? Failing to mitigate? Wasn't PG&E already on parole prior to the "Camp Fire" thereby subjecting PG&E to stricter punishments? What is Marsy's Law? Haven't the "Courts" failed to abide by 18 U.S.C. § 3771 and/or CA Con: Art 1 § 28 as mandated by USA Con: Art 6, clause 2 in accordance with the USA Con: 14th amendment?

Would crayons be better? Does a literal picture have to be actually drawn?

Doesn't California have some sort of "SuperTanker" for fires? When was it deployed for the "Camp Fire"[10]?

Why only protect certain structures? Paradise town hall caught fire, who gave the order(s) for any structures to be prioritized over people's lives? Starbucks > a natural person's life?

Why did it take approximately (17) days to contain the fire? What does satellite imagery show? Aren't there bodies of water around the Town of Paradise? Isn't there enough water to flood downstream municipalities[11]? Was the fire being allowed to burn to buy time for dead bodies to be covertly disposed of? Accident or State sanctioned?

Fires to cover-up clearcutting[6] in California?

"...firefighters for the most part never attempted to prevent the flames from entering Concow or Paradise..."[5]

"Fire crews pulled back and let the rain put out the remaining fires while teams searched for..."[10] charred human remanents.


How many really died from the "Camp Fire"? Unofficially in excess of 500 people? How many insurance policies and/or the like went unclaimed?

Evidently with no help and nowhere to go, innocent American citizens, women, children, the elderly, those in need

What would you do?

Is this America? Is it? Land of the "free," home of the brave, and a place where your innocent loved ones, your grandma, children, or Mom get BURNED ALIVE? And the known perpetrator absolved by filing bankrupcty?

What criminal charges have been brought against: CalFire, the State of California, the County of Butte, the Town of Paradise, and their: administrators and/or agents and/or lackeys and/or officers and/or personnel and/or "supervisors"? Why hadn't the County of Butte, the Town of Paradise, CalFire, or the State of California implemented a "firebreak"[7] ever prior to the fire? Haven't fires typically threatened the town of Paradise annually since at least the 90s?

During the time I evacuated at approximately 11am, the 8am or 9am radio public service announcement was never updated from evacuation notice to actual evaction. Who did not update the PSA? Who was supposed to update the PSA?

What has the federal government done pertaining to prosecution at the federal level? Or deprivation of USA Con: 14th amendment in contravention USA Con: 13th amendment? Isn't that a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 241 and/or 18 U.S.C. § 242? "United States v. Price 383 U.S. 787 (1966)" aka "'Mississippi Burning' Trial."? Or is this not as grave as seemingly a noose in a garage[8]?

Albeit as a U.S. Senator, has Bernie Sanders[9] gone after criminal CEOs and/or done anything pertaining to this matter? Or is Bernie Sanders waiting for a third run at POTUS to concede and dropout again only after lining coffers and getting people's hopes up again?

When are "Treble damages"[4] applicable in the USA and/or California?

Seemingly a continous and repeat offender, that was on parole during this event, shouldn't PG&E have their articles of incorporation and/or the like revoked?

Is this what history should remember? That burning several hundred innocent American citizens alive, adversely effecting countless lives, and costing people $16billion+ for structures alone and, so long as one files for bankrupcty after, evidently it will be absolved?!


Are these "elected 'officials'," "courts," "judges," and the like smoking crack or something?

What will you personally do?

Will you help sharing this?

What kind of town was Paradise?

Has the Town of Paradise defrauded the State of California? ✔

Has the Town of Paradise violated federal and state anti-discrmination laws thereby committing hate crimes? Hate crimes pertaining to fair housing and/or lending? ✔

Was all of this done under Lauren Gill and/or Chuck Rough and/or Robert "Bob" Larson and/or Dwight L. Moore? ✔

Is there prima facie, public record evidence? ✔

Why isn't the Town of Paradise's no camping policy/ordinance precluded in accordance Article six ("VI"), Clause deuce ("2") of the USA Constitution; pursuant to the 1st amendment of the Constitution the right to petition the government for redress of grievances, via the 14th amendment of the Constitution as/if/when necessary; and the right to peacefully assemble, not to mention on one's own property?

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Private Property, No Trespass including government sign. Authority cited.

Pine needles that melt aluminum?

1965 Buick Skylark and 1959 Chevy Apache Wagon (Task Force Edition); 2018 PG&E "Camp Fire"

  1. Pine needles that melt aluminum?
  2. Pine needles that melt aluminum?
  3. Pine needles that melt aluminum?
  4. Pine needles that melt aluminum?
  5. Pine needles that melt aluminum?
  6. Pine needles that melt aluminum?
  7. Pine needles that melt aluminum?