Private Property Camping?

Why isn't the Town of Paradise's no camping policy/ordinance precluded in accordance Article six ("VI"), Clause deuce ("2") of the USA Constitution; pursuant to the 1st amendment of the Constitution the right to petition the government for redress of grievances, via the 14th amendment of the Constitution as/if/when necessary; and the right to peacefully assemble, not to mention on one's own property? What is "due process" as afforded by the USA Constitution's 5th amendment?

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Racketeering activity?

As I understand it, filing complaints with agencies is often ineffective if not inconsequential. Which is why I've devised the following process to establish sufficient evidence of a pattern of criminal activity committed by the criminal orignization which is known as the State.


$RacketeeringActivityNeeded = $x;
$CriminalOriginzation = array();
$patternOfCriminalActivity = 0;

function complaintProcess($person) {
  $complaintAgainst = Fill out interactive complaint template($person);
  $complaint = Submit legitimate complaint($complaintAgainst);

  $complaintOutcome = $StateComplaintDeterminer = Was $complaint resolved to your satisfaction?
  // Start complaint process loop until resolved
  while ( $complaintOutcome != 'resolved' ) {
    if ( $forgiveness OR $tiredness || $amenable ) {

    // File complaint against $StateComplaintDeterminer
    $complaintOutcome = $StateComplaintDeterminer = complaintProcess( $StateComplaintDeterminer );

    if ( $complaintOutcome == 'resolved' ) {
      // End loop if resolved


    if ( $patternOfCriminalActivity >= $RacketeeringActivityNeeded ) {
      // End loop if sufficient pattern of criminal activity established
    } else {
      // Add more people to the criminal organization
      $CriminalOriginzation[] = $StateComplaintDeterminer;
    // Continue complaint process loop until resolved

$initialComplaint = complaintProcess('Elected official, State bar member, etc...');

// Is there a sufficient pattern of criminal activity established?
if ( $patternOfCriminalActivity >= $RacketeeringActivityNeeded ) {
  // Create comma separated criminal organization list
  $CriminalOriginzation = implode(', ', $CriminalOriginzation);

  $CrimeVictimJustice = the State pursues RICO predicate charges against $CriminalOriginzation || the State: deprives 14th amendment, possibly deprivation of the 4th and 5th amendments. In contravention of: the "Supremacy Clause" && in violation of: 18 U.S.C. § 241 and/or 18 U.S.C. § 242 and/or "Honest services fraud" 18 U.S.C. § 1346 and/or Obstruction of justice;